In addition to the main profile of the company "SDK" Sp. z o.o., which is the production of equipment for fish farming and transport of live fishes, our company provides services like "Waterjet" cutting materials up to 200 mm thickness. We offer short lead times and preferential prices.

Advantages of "Waterjet" cutting:

- high quality of the edges
- ability to handle even the most innovative shapes in materials exotics
- no effect on the properties of the material being cut

A very important feature of the "Waterjet" cutting is the ability to cut materials without damaging their structure and change the properties because in the process does not occur so called heat affected zone.

The scope of the working area:
x = 2000 mm
y = 2000 mm
z = 200 mm

We invite you to cooperation.

We also offer services in the field of 3D milling:
- plastics, foams, composites
- rubber-like plastic, foil, cardboard
- solid wood, MDF, plywood
- letters spatial
- coffers
- dibond
- 3D prototyping
- templates and production tooling

The scope of the working area:
x = 3000 mm
y = 2000 mm
z = 450 mm

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